Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mana house church

Tonight's small Bible study group was my introduction to Mana house church which is a community of around 50 believers. With Peggy's help I presented some concepts of discipleship and mentoring to the 3 women and 5 men gathered in a fairly large apartment-turned-church. I will be returning Sunday afternoon to this church to teach on the theology of sexuality and then next Wednesday to teach on God's rest. This is one group that knows Peggy well and loves to have her teams come and teach.

It was a great time because I made time for their responses and questions throughout the presentation. The leader indicated that this was a hot topic and by their questions, I believed him. They were so engaged and fun to be with. Their questions were challenging and revealed they were tracking with the concepts I presented. I soon discovered that my attempts to keep to the big picture was difficult for them to grasp. I wanted to share principles and qualities, not present a whole programs or steps to accomplishing discipleship. They kept wanting the details and we kept wanting to avoid them. But one thing is for sure. They are desiring to be faithful followers of Christ and they have a burden to disciple well the growing number of Chinese that are responding to the gospel.

I'm looking forward to going back again especially to meet more of their members. Thanks for praying for me! Tomorrow is shopping day at the Silk Market and then in the evening we'll be at another house church. Peggy will be leading this one on the topic of "how to be a good husband" and I'll certainly tell them how wonderful mine is! ^_^

Sidebar: Traffic in China is really scary!

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